Rise and Shine Breakfast Club!


Welcome to your morning meditation club! 


***** Time varies depending on time of year: DURING CHRISTMAS Jan/ Feb WE ARE MEETING AT 8AM*****


Click here for meditation 28th of December 2020: Meet 3 your guides!

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Tuning in together. Breathing together. Being together. Growing together. Being here together. Flowing together. Glowing together! 

Enjoy the special Morning Meditation dish of the day :-)

This is still currently a free offering for 2020, to bring community together and support ourselves waking up well, support the natural cycles of the body at this time and the receiving of the gifts that are pouring through.

How we start our morning affects our whole day. I know of no better way to start the day than heart based meditation. If you know of a better way, let me know! 

Use this club to help you help yourself set a healthy structure for your day and morning practice.

The time varies, depending on time of year! Send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

I’m loving how my brain feels when I wake up, brighter, more alert & mornings are a lot more productive.
Also loving going to bed, am excited to get to sleep cause I’m done(!) and am looking forward to a decent rest and new day!

Scroll to the end of the meditation page for some free meditations from our club on SoundCloud. Click here!

You are welcome here. 
Simply send a PM.
Lots of love,



That was a beautiful meditation this morning, and a lovely affirmation at the end, thank you all, much love


Glorious ❤️ Exactly what was needed. Thank you Orla and All ❣️


Thank you for the deep connection and presence Orla. Wishing you all a beautiful day ✨


Absolute magic many thanks, shine on today


Thank you so much Orla, I feel super dooper, already feeling the blessings come my way. Have a wonderful weekend all.